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Authoring with Macromedia

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Adobe recently acquired Macromedia for a stock swap of $3.4 billion. The Macromedia suite will continue to be developed as an independent package, and marketed as such.

Macromedia is popular with Web developers, with Macromedia Flash in particular making a massive impact on the web. The other main applications are Dreamweaver (web site design) and Fireworks (web graphics).

Dreamweaver is one of the premier professional web design suites, providing the facility to develop, inter alia, cascading style sheets.

Fireworks is designed specifically for developing web images. The default format is a portable network graphic (PNG) which can be exported as gifs, transparent gifs and jpegs for use on the web. The image (left) was created using Fireworks.

See this page for an overview.

Adobe UK site : Action Script 3 Samples for Flash CS4 |:| Higher Education software |:|

Multimedia Authoring Paradigms.

This refers to the method by which we achieve the task. This website provides further detail on multimedia authoring systems and applications.

Questions are being raised about the future of the web, including the nature of future web browsers. Tim Berners-Lee originally saw web browsers as both reading and writing tools. Allan Jardine looks at the web-browser paradigm on this blog. and at next generation web-browsers here.

Google Chrome OS considers designing the entire computer operating system around the browser.

Blogs as an authoring paradigm? More and more blogs are now providing a good level of freedom with respect to changing the layout to suit the blogger, or even the post.

Evaluation, Macromedia Studio 8 : Tutorials, various. Dreamweaver Development Centre. Macromedia Flash Tutorials. Macromedia Fireworks Tutorials. Examples of Flash. More examples of Flash.
Trial downloads.

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